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M1 Side Scan Sonar
SSS conversion

M1 Side Scan Sonar images. All Black and white images were produced by Burton Electronics and are raw non-enhanced. No sharpening or post processing of any kind. This was done to show you the raw capabilities of this equipment. We have added some customer supplied images and wish to thank them for allowing their use.

Here is an image of a large 400 ft plus shipwreck taken by a customer using the M1 extra high resolution conversion package.

This is another customer supplied image taken at distance of a twin engine plane of WWII vintage using components of the M1 conversion package. Plane is lying upside down.

Here is an image of a car recovered by a search and rescue team. The body of a man missing two years was found inside. Divers spent 11 days looking for the car after a skull was found onshore which matched that of a missing man whose car had also been reported as being lost. The M1 found it within ten minutes of deployment. Please see Southern Fire Equipment LLC on the news page for your fire / rescue dept recovery related needs.

This is the wreck of the Champlain II. Located a few miles from Westport NY on Lake Champlain. This passenger steamer was run aground on a ledge and was eventually stripped of useable material. Just a bare broken hull remains.

Wreck of a wooden coal barge, Lake Champlain VT side near Burlington. Very soft and silty bottom.

Wreck of a barge and crane, Harbor of Refuge, Point Judith RI. Notice detail of latticework in the cranes boom.

Wreck of the 'Water Witch', Lake Champlain VT  Notice the intact bowsprit and its acoustic 'shadow' as well as the shadow of a railing at the stern (left)

Another view of the 'Water Witch' Lake Champlain VT. In this view you can see the remains of a collapsed mast or boom.

Rock outcropping, Lake Champlain VT.