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The folks at  http://www.blacklaserlearning.com are holding seminars on sidescan and other marine search tech. They are holding one on Hunting Shipwrecks March 7, 2009 in Boston Ma. Please visit their website and check it out!

Burton Electronics is pleased to anounce Southern Fire Equipment LLC as an independent national dealer for municipal purchase of the M1 extra high resolution SSS when used for search and rescue team recovery operations. They have also developed their own special deployment equipment for the M1 as well as offer their own training program. Please contact them for your fire equipment / recovery needs at:
Southern Fire Equipment, LLC
288 King Rd., Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Toll free: 888-450-5209
Fax: 601-450-0627
http://www.southern-fire.com/   drridgway@aol.com

Nearly a year in devlopment, the M1 reprsents a true price / performance breakthrough in side scan imaging sonar. This single channel 200KHZ unit records image files as well as embedded data such as GPS for later playback on your computer. A built in 480 x 480 pixel b&w display makes this unit useable without an on board computer. See the rest of site for details!